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Virtual CFO Services

Get Finance Experts with 10+ Years Of Experience To Empower Your Business As Virtual CFO

Say goodbye to endless financial paperwork and say hello to streamlined operations. With our Virtual CFO Services, you’ll have real-time updates on your company’s financial health, without the need for an in-house finance department that takes up office space and drains HR budgets.

Let us take care of the numbers while you concentrate on your core functions. It’s the perfect solution for busy professionals like you who want to maximize productivity and minimize stress.

Ideal for: MSME’S with turnover between Rs. 5 crores to Rs. 500 Crores

Why Choose Our Virtual CFO Services

Expertise and Experience: 

Leverage our experienced financial professionals with industry expertise to create customized strategies aligned with your business goals.

Cost-Effective Solution:

cost-effective executive-level financial guidance to Save on expenses while accessing top-notch expertise for efficient resource allocation.

Strategic Financial Planning:

strategic financial plans with your long-term goals so you can Benefit from market analysis and growth opportunities identification to make informed decisions and drive business success.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Our Virtual CFO services adapt to your business growth and changing needs. We offer flexibility for expanding into new markets, raising capital, and navigating mergers and acquisitions.

What We Offer


Cash Flow Management

Truly digitized and virtual accounting with the use of reliable tools like QuickBooks, Tally, Zoho and Xero


Automation Plan

Long-sighted approach on reducing manual interventions in daily and regular activities


Budget Prep and Review

Hand-holding on all key decisions and review


CFO Growth Calls

Brainstorming and helping you move closer to your growth goals


Periodic Review Meetings

Driving action and holding internal and external stakeholders accountable on action


Top & Bottom Line Improvement

Gross sales and net income grow in tandem


Year-end Close Support

Support on filings, audits and financial health check


Budgetary Control Mechanisms

Close eye on spends and money management to ensure you never run dry of liquidity


Investor Relationship & Reporting

Get reliable and timely reports. The results? Seamless IR practices


Legal Compliance

Meticulous supervision and action on all compliance necessities


Accounting Policies Procedures

Complete Control and care of compliance and internal policies

Professional Fees

Starting from Rs. 10,000 per month.

Our clients trust us with their company's financial interests
Imagine only having to worry about your core function and never having to bother about financial paperwork.

How It Works?


Initial Consultation and Assessment

We analyse your business needs, goals, and financial challenges, creating a customised financial strategy aligned with your objectives

Step 1


Ongoing Financial Monitoring and Analysis

We continuously monitor your financial performance, provide regular analysis, and recommend adjustments as needed

Step 2


Regular Reporting and Strategic Recommendations

You will receive comprehensive reports, including financial insights, and strategic recommendations to optimise your financial strategy

Step 3


Collaborative Communication Channels

Our Virtual CFO team stays connected to you via meetings, emails, and calls for effective communication, addressing your questions and concerns promptly

Step 4

Transform Your Business with Virtual CFO Services

Supercharge your financial success with our expert Virtual CFO services. Unlock strategic financial guidance, optimized profitability, and growth opportunities. Schedule a consultation today!

    *Terms & Conditions Apply


    A virtual CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, is an outsourced professional who provides financial management services remotely. They offer expertise in financial planning, analysis, reporting, and strategic decision-making, similar to an in-house CFO.

    A virtual CFO offers a range of services, including financial planning and forecasting, budgeting, cash flow management, financial analysis and reporting, profitability analysis, financial modeling, strategic planning, risk management, and advising on financial decisions.

    While a traditional CFO is a full-time employee within a company, a virtual CFO operates remotely on a part-time or project basis. Virtual CFOs work with multiple clients simultaneously, providing cost-effective financial expertise without the need for a full-time in-house CFO.

    Hiring a virtual CFO offers several benefits, such as access to high-level financial expertise without the cost of a full-time CFO, scalability as the business grows or faces financial challenges, unbiased financial advice, improved financial decision-making, and more time for business owners to focus on core operations.

    Virtual CFOs work remotely by leveraging technology and communication tools. They can access financial data securely through cloud-based accounting systems, communicate with clients through video calls, emails, or phone calls, and collaborate on financial reports and analysis using shared documents and online platforms.

    Yes, virtual CFOs can tailor their services to meet the specific needs of your business. They can adapt their expertise and assistance to address your financial challenges, industry-specific requirements, growth objectives, and overall business goals.

    Yes, our Virtual CFOs offer specialized expertise along with seamless technology integration. They also provide flexibility as well as cost-effectiveness.

    Absolutely! Our Virtual CFOs are particularly beneficial for small businesses and startups as they provide affordable access to financial expertise without the need for a full-time CFO.

    Our Virtual CFOs collaborate remotely, utilizing cloud-based accounting systems and interact with your team to provide real-time financial insights.

    Yes, our Virtual CFOs prioritize data security and confidentiality. They use secure systems, adhere to privacy regulations, and maintain strict protocols.

    The frequency of interaction can differ, based on your business needs. You can expect regular communication, including scheduled meetings and updates as required.

    Our Virtual CFOs can analyze your finances, identify cost-saving opportunities and implement strategies to improve financial efficiency.

    Yes, our Virtual CFOs provide guidance on regulatory compliance and assist with tax planning and filings.

    Certainly, our Virtual CFOs can assist with fundraising efforts, creating financial projections and offer financial insights to help secure investments.

    Virtual CFO services are more cost-effective compared to hiring an in-house team. The costs may vary based on your business size, and specific requirements.

    Just fill in some details here and relax until we reach out to you. Then, we’ll discuss your specific needs and requirements and Voila! You’ll have your own Virtual CFO.

    Terms and conditions :

    1. Access to one mobile and one laptop will be provided for these 45 days.
    2. Training sessions can be viewed multiple times without any restrictions during these 45 days.
    3. Solving MCQs is mandatory to appear for the Eligibility Test (ET) after 45 days.
    4. Eligibility Test (ET) will be conducted within 7 working days of the course's completion.
    5. ET will be conducted online via screen sharing. Webcams have to be kept on throughout the exam.
    6. Candidates resorting to unfair means while appearing for the exams will be debarred permanently from appearing in the ET.
    7. Results of the ET will be declared within 7 working days of the ET.
    8. To be eligible for internship opportunities, a candidate must score at least 60% in the ET.
    9. Internship opportunities will be provided as per the availability of CA firms and it is not necessary that a candidate gets an internship nearby his/her location.
    10. For any technical issues while watching the training sessions, you may contact us on our email ID and mobile numbers mentioned on our website.
    11. Incase of any doubts or queries, candidates may share the same with us via emails and our trainers will revert at the earliest.

      *Terms & Conditions Apply

      TDS Module

      • Lec 1 Basic Understanding of TDS Concept
      • Lec 2 Understanding of TDS to be deducted on Interest, Commission, Rent Expense
      • Lec 3 Understanding of TDS to be deducted on Professional, Contract and Salary Expense
      • Lec 4 Understanding of TDS on Purchase of Immovable Property and Purchase of Goods
      • Lec 5 Understanding of TDS Return Filing Process

      Tally ERP 9

      • Gateway of Tally
      • How to Create a Company
      • Types of Vouchers
      • How to Create Ledgers and Groups
      • Activation of GST Masters
      • How to Make Sales Entry, Purchase Entry, Expense Entry
      • How to Create a Sales Invoice, Sales Order
      • How to Book Purchase Invoice & Purchase Order
      • How to Book Contra Entry
      • How to Book Journal Entry
      • How to Enter Bank Entries & Reconciliation of Bank
      • Shortcut Keys like Alt + I, F4, Alt + 2, Alt+ C, Alt + R
      • How to Insert Opening Balance in Ledger

      GST Module

      • Lec 1 Basic Understanding of GST
      • Lec 2 GST Registration Limits
      • Lec 3 Various Types of GST Returns and Understanding of GSTR-1
      • Lec 4 Filing Procedure for GSTR-1 Part-A
      • Lec 5 Filing Procedure for GSTR-1 Part-B
      • Lec 6 Filing Procedure for GSTR-1 Part-C
      • Lec 7 Filing Procedure for GSTR-1 Part-D
      • Lec 8 Filing Procedure for GSTR-1 Part-E
      • Lec 9 Filing Procedure for GSTR-3B
      • Lec 10 Understanding of GSTR-2A and GSTR-2B
      • Lec 11 Understanding of RCM and ITC Eligibility Part-A
      • Lec 12 Understanding of RCM and ITC Eligibility Part-B
      • Lec 13 Understanding of E-Way Bill and Import and Export
      • Lec 14 Understanding of E-Invoicing

      Basic Concepts of Word and Excel along with Training on Email Drafting

      • Basics of Word along with Training on Various Letter Drafting
      • Basics of Excel with Special Focus on VLOOKUP and Pivot
      • Email Drafting and Outlook Training

      Understanding of Income Tax Returns

      • What is Income Tax Return & Various Heads of Income
      • How to Prepare Computation of Income
      • Comparison between Old and New Tax Regime
      • Registration of PAN on Income Tax Portal
      • Filing of Income Tax Return on the Income Tax Portal

      Payroll Processing along with Labour Law Compliances

      • Brief on HR Policies
      • Salary Structure Designing
      • Applicability of EPF, ESIC and PTRC
      • Creation and Transfer of UAN under EPF
      • Calculation of EPF, ESIC and PTRC
      • Filing of EPF, ESIC and PTRC Returns
      • Salary Slip Generation
      • Disbursement of Salary making use of Maker Checker Facility

      Understanding of Trial Balance, Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Account

      • Lec 1 Introduction to Accounting, Assets, Expenses, Liabilities & Income
      • Lec 2 Accounting Cycle
      • Lec 3 Types of Entries
      • Lec 4 Types of Trial Balance
      • Lec 5 Checklist for Assets
      • Lec 6 Checklist for Liabilities, Income & Expenses
      • Lec 7 Introduction to Final Accounts
      • Lec 8 Problem 1
      • Lec 9 Problem 2

      Cloud Based Accounting

      • Lec 1 Introduction & Reasons to Use Cloud Based Accounting
      • Lec 2 How to Purchase ZOHO Books & Creating a Company in ZOHO Books
      • Lec 3 Overview of Dashboard of ZOHO Books
      • Lec 4 Data Entry - Introduction
      • Lec 5 Data Entry - Purchase Individual Invoices
      • Lec 6 Data Entry - Sales Individual Invoices
      • Lec 7 Data Entry - Record Manual Journal & Cash
      • Lec 8 Data Entry - Bank Statement Bulk Update
      • Lec 9 Data Entry - Bank Statement Categorization
      • Lec 10 Data Entry - Purchase Bulk Update
      • Lec 11 Data Entry - Sales Bulk Update
      • Lec 12 Data Entry - Opening Balances
      • Lec 13 Data Entry - Record Manual Journal & Cash
      • Lec 14 Analysis - Generate Various Reports like TB, P & L, BS, CF and Other Reports
      • Lec 15 Analysis - Charts of Accounts (Ledger) & Dashboard
      • Lec 16 Analysis - Transaction Locking

        *Terms & Conditions Apply