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Check Out Our Latest: Auditing
Check Out Our Latest: Auditing


GGC’s PTA is where experienced practicing CAs have come together to share their enriched knowledge through short-term online app-based finance courses. The intent is to train anyone who is seeking to build a finance career or simply to manage and invest their money smartly. Unlike Information Technology (IT), the finance field never gets outdated and generates huge employment opportunities. With the right skill set, every individual can become employable, start earning, put their money to use and watch it grow, regardless of their educational background.

Why is PTA a Game changer?

App-Based Online Finance Courses

PTA courses are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills from experienced CAs through a user-friendly app and innovative video lecture series. Learners have the flexibility to access the courses at their own pace and convenience.

Placement Opportunity  

We are committed to the success of our students and strive to provide them with the best possible career opportunities. Some of our courses offer the assurance of placement opportunities.

Experienced Faculty

Our trainers are well-equipped with financial knowledge as well as 10+ years industry experience and explain complex financial concepts through real-life examples and in an interactive manner.


At just ₹1000 (+GST), our courses are designed to be accessible and affordable, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their financial skills.

Fostering Partnerships: Our Affiliations with Renowned Universities and Government Bodies

Course 1 - Finance Management 101

Course 2 - Auditing

Course 3 - Finance Minor Course

Expert Faculty with 10+ Years of Experience

CA Sumit Tajpuriya
CA Sumit Tajpuriya

Founder, GGC
Mentor & Advisor,PTA

Ritika Agarwal
Ritika Agarwal

Co-Founder, GGC

CA Vivek Parakh
CA Vivek Parakh


CA Laabhesh Savadia
CA Laabhesh Savadia

Content Creator

Krishnakant Modi
Krishnakant Modi


CA Sangram Karwatkar
CA Sangram Karwatkar


Demo Lectures



Gungun ShahuGungun Shahu
16:04 06 Jun 23
Hey ,I'm here after attending two classes of virtual GGC... It was an Amazing experience....and there way of teaching is literally too good.... I'm truly rating here from the bottom of my heart.... thank you GGC.
Jyoti RawatJyoti Rawat
08:47 04 Jun 23
Teacher's passion for the subject is contagious, and their enthusiasm motivates us to strive for excellence. They encourages critical thinking and fosters a classroom where everyone's ideas are valued. Their dedication to our learning truly sets them apart as a remarkable educator."
Komal GangwaniKomal Gangwani
13:22 01 Jun 23
It was an amazing experience in our first virtual finance class Sangram sir taught us in a commendable way about income tax, it's five heads and how to apply for income tax returns, TDS, education cess and old scheme and new scheme to file income tax returns. Love the way he taught us in the simplest manner everything was so clear. I'm impressed by how sir taught us. Overall it was a valuable experience. Thanks Sangram sir and GGC.
Dhruti SuraniDhruti Surani
13:12 01 Jun 23
I am really enjoying the course. This is a very interesting course for me and the way they teach us is excellent. Our every doubt is cleared by them in the sessions. 👍
10:16 17 May 23
Overall, it was a great investment that provided me with valuable practical skills that I can use in my field. I found the course to be well-structured and easy to follow. I must say that all the other teachers were also good at their job. They were knowledgeable, passionate, and supportive of their students, and I felt like I learned a lot from each one of them. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn new skills and improve their professional development.

Let's Hear From Our Students

The session was very interesting and knowledgeable and I learn various new things thanks to GGC for giving this opportunity to learn from them thank you so much
Ritika Ajay Khedikar
Ritika Ajay Khedikar
Live classes it's so helpful to understand topic and students can clear his doubts
Nikita Raju Hajare
Nikita Raju Hajare
Live session was extremely good and all my doubts were clear. Sir was explaining very well to understand... thank you
Prashan Yuoraj Suryawanshi
Prashan Yuoraj Suryawanshi
Live class was really knowledgeable and interesting. I would like to thank you for conducting a live class.
Puja Pramod Shripad
Puja Pramod Shripad
I would say the live class is absolutely productive for me .. all my doubts are cleared by the sir ..and his nature is very good and friendly i would rate the live class as 10 out of 10..
Janhavi Shrikant Chepe
Janhavi Shrikant Chepe
The Lectures are so good and simple language is explained in the classroom.
Mayur Rehpade
Mayur Rehpade


Take a step towards experiencing our expertise and gaining knowledge

Are you ready to take control of your financial future? VirtualGGC’s online finance courses are designed to empower you with the knowledge and enhance your practical skills you need to make the best of your financial career and maximize your earnings, and achieve your financial goals.

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    *Terms & Conditions Apply


    You can watch the recorded lectures at your own pace and as many times as you want.
    Our expert faculty have recorded extensive lecture series where they have explained each topic in detail with the help of examples, use cases and practice exercises. Each module is divided into parts for simplicity of understanding. Moreover, the lectures can be watched again and again till your concepts are clear enough.
    Our expert faculty have recorded extensive lecture series where they have explained each topic in detail with the help of examples, use cases and practice exercises. Each module is divided into parts for simplicity of understanding. Moreover, the lectures can be watched again and again till your concepts are clear enough.
    Yes, every student receives a certificate after course completion.
    There are 100% job opportunities in top companies and finance firms after the completion of the course. (Based on merit and performance in the assessment test)

    Our finance course provides complete knowledge of diverse aspects of finance including the latest technology and trends whereas an accounting course can be restricted to certain accounting-specific topics

    Yes, there’s an assessment test at the end of 45 days.

    After completing the finance course (PTA), individuals can pursue careers as financial analysts, accounting assistants, investment associates, financial planners, risk analysts, and explore opportunities in banking and financial services. The acquired finance knowledge can also support entrepreneurial ventures. Practical experience and further qualifications can enhance career advancement within the finance industry.

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    GGC's Practical Training Academy
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    GGC's Practical Training Academy

    Terms and conditions :

    1. Access to one mobile and one laptop will be provided for these 45 days.
    2. Training sessions can be viewed multiple times without any restrictions during these 45 days.
    3. Solving MCQs is mandatory to appear for the Eligibility Test (ET) after 45 days.
    4. Eligibility Test (ET) will be conducted within 7 working days of the course's completion.
    5. ET will be conducted online via screen sharing. Webcams have to be kept on throughout the exam.
    6. Candidates resorting to unfair means while appearing for the exams will be debarred permanently from appearing in the ET.
    7. Results of the ET will be declared within 7 working days of the ET.
    8. To be eligible for internship opportunities, a candidate must score at least 60% in the ET.
    9. Internship opportunities will be provided as per the availability of CA firms and it is not necessary that a candidate gets an internship nearby his/her location.
    10. For any technical issues while watching the training sessions, you may contact us on our email ID and mobile numbers mentioned on our website.
    11. Incase of any doubts or queries, candidates may share the same with us via emails and our trainers will revert at the earliest.

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        *Click on Download Now for Download Brochure



              *Terms & Conditions Apply

              TDS Module

              • Lec 1 Basic Understanding of TDS Concept
              • Lec 2 Understanding of TDS to be deducted on Interest, Commission, Rent Expense
              • Lec 3 Understanding of TDS to be deducted on Professional, Contract and Salary Expense
              • Lec 4 Understanding of TDS on Purchase of Immovable Property and Purchase of Goods
              • Lec 5 Understanding of TDS Return Filing Process

              Tally ERP 9

              • Gateway of Tally
              • How to Create a Company
              • Types of Vouchers
              • How to Create Ledgers and Groups
              • Activation of GST Masters
              • How to Make Sales Entry, Purchase Entry, Expense Entry
              • How to Create a Sales Invoice, Sales Order
              • How to Book Purchase Invoice & Purchase Order
              • How to Book Contra Entry
              • How to Book Journal Entry
              • How to Enter Bank Entries & Reconciliation of Bank
              • Shortcut Keys like Alt + I, F4, Alt + 2, Alt+ C, Alt + R
              • How to Insert Opening Balance in Ledger

              GST Module

              • Lec 1 Basic Understanding of GST
              • Lec 2 GST Registration Limits
              • Lec 3 Various Types of GST Returns and Understanding of GSTR-1
              • Lec 4 Filing Procedure for GSTR-1 Part-A
              • Lec 5 Filing Procedure for GSTR-1 Part-B
              • Lec 6 Filing Procedure for GSTR-1 Part-C
              • Lec 7 Filing Procedure for GSTR-1 Part-D
              • Lec 8 Filing Procedure for GSTR-1 Part-E
              • Lec 9 Filing Procedure for GSTR-3B
              • Lec 10 Understanding of GSTR-2A and GSTR-2B
              • Lec 11 Understanding of RCM and ITC Eligibility Part-A
              • Lec 12 Understanding of RCM and ITC Eligibility Part-B
              • Lec 13 Understanding of E-Way Bill and Import and Export
              • Lec 14 Understanding of E-Invoicing

              Basic Concepts of Word and Excel along with Training on Email Drafting

              • Basics of Word along with Training on Various Letter Drafting
              • Basics of Excel with Special Focus on VLOOKUP and Pivot
              • Email Drafting and Outlook Training

              Understanding of Income Tax Returns

              • What is Income Tax Return & Various Heads of Income
              • How to Prepare Computation of Income
              • Comparison between Old and New Tax Regime
              • Registration of PAN on Income Tax Portal
              • Filing of Income Tax Return on the Income Tax Portal

              Payroll Processing along with Labour Law Compliances

              • Brief on HR Policies
              • Salary Structure Designing
              • Applicability of EPF, ESIC and PTRC
              • Creation and Transfer of UAN under EPF
              • Calculation of EPF, ESIC and PTRC
              • Filing of EPF, ESIC and PTRC Returns
              • Salary Slip Generation
              • Disbursement of Salary making use of Maker Checker Facility

              Understanding of Trial Balance, Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Account

              • Lec 1 Introduction to Accounting, Assets, Expenses, Liabilities & Income
              • Lec 2 Accounting Cycle
              • Lec 3 Types of Entries
              • Lec 4 Types of Trial Balance
              • Lec 5 Checklist for Assets
              • Lec 6 Checklist for Liabilities, Income & Expenses
              • Lec 7 Introduction to Final Accounts
              • Lec 8 Problem 1
              • Lec 9 Problem 2

              Cloud Based Accounting

              • Lec 1 Introduction & Reasons to Use Cloud Based Accounting
              • Lec 2 How to Purchase ZOHO Books & Creating a Company in ZOHO Books
              • Lec 3 Overview of Dashboard of ZOHO Books
              • Lec 4 Data Entry - Introduction
              • Lec 5 Data Entry - Purchase Individual Invoices
              • Lec 6 Data Entry - Sales Individual Invoices
              • Lec 7 Data Entry - Record Manual Journal & Cash
              • Lec 8 Data Entry - Bank Statement Bulk Update
              • Lec 9 Data Entry - Bank Statement Categorization
              • Lec 10 Data Entry - Purchase Bulk Update
              • Lec 11 Data Entry - Sales Bulk Update
              • Lec 12 Data Entry - Opening Balances
              • Lec 13 Data Entry - Record Manual Journal & Cash
              • Lec 14 Analysis - Generate Various Reports like TB, P & L, BS, CF and Other Reports
              • Lec 15 Analysis - Charts of Accounts (Ledger) & Dashboard
              • Lec 16 Analysis - Transaction Locking